TouchDAW Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Control Pro Tools with a Kindle Fire Tablet - TouchDAW Review/Demo

Please watch in full screen 1080p for best viewing experience. Can you control your DAW with your android device? Absolutely! Thanks to an app called ...

TouchDAW android ( review ) with Ableton Live

Hi, In this video I show you about connecting your android device with ableton live using TouchDAW app.

TouchDaw - Android DJ Midi Controller App

TouchDAW is a full-featured DAW control and general purpose MIDI control app for Android™ tablets and phones. It allows you to tweak a large set of ...

TouchDAW, SONAR tutorial / How to setup

TouchDAW makes your Android device a wireless MIDI controller. This is video tutorial to setup TouchDAW and SONAR and rtpMIDI. - demo videos TouchDAW ...

TouchDAW Virtual DAW + Midi Controller With Studio One 3 Pro

TouchDAW virtual DAW + midi controller with Studio One 3 Pro using wifi on Android

Android Tablet as Wireless Midi Controller for Traktor 2 using TouchDAW

FREE EP: Acer Iconia Tab running the app TouchDAW mapped to Traktor 2. This video outlines the setup procedure.


checking out TouchDAW Android MIDI remote. more: this trailer with Japanese subtitles: ...

TouchDAW makes your DAW Kaossilator / SONAR and Z3ta+ demo

You can play the synth by touching like Kaossilator, and by shaking. I bought TouchDAW at Amazon Android Apps Store. Playing Z3ta+2 synthesizer on SONAR ...

Tutorial de AUTOMATIZACIÓN con TouchDAW

Link para descargar la APP Versión única para Android.

Sonic Touch#7 iPad and Music Show

Our first Android TouchDAW app review, plus Guitar to MIDI and track the best deals on Apps Shredder Guitar to MIDI 01:23 TouchDAW 12:10 DM-1 16:12 Apps ...

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